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quote for powder coating front calipers

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went to a local powder coater today to get quote for the calipers being done. ummd and arrd saying its tricky and its expensive. but came out at 40 quid each caliper. which i think is ok to be honest what does veryone else think bout that price?
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Thats not bad for one, but for 4 try and haggle the price, there's always a chance they could get more work through this forum!
rears arnt very big so dont know why it would be the same price. but thye are powder coaters not mechanics so i would prefer to strip the calipers completely seals and pistons out if you get me. then there is issue weather it will be a good colour blue! i think maybe heat proff painting is the way forward on these, but still thinking about it
I fancy yellow calipers!
If you want i can get them done all four for £50.

Had mine done in black and they are really really good :

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all for 50 quid thats good! that include the removal of old paint/powder coat as well. thats a good price
yeah old paint jetted off and then coated.

i can get wheels done for 40 each as well.
i might be interested in that. can you get a powder coat colour close to the standard blue?
yeah you can speck a colour and he will do the best he can to match it. they usually have the pieces for 7 days though.
right will see, got another car so can take them all off and stuff thats not a problem. ill let you know if i decide to do them
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