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R all over the place HELP!!

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Ahoy I have posted before regarding this....

When turning on a right hand Bend at 50/60ish the rear end is very twitchy and causes TRaction control to cut in. Doesn't happen on left hand bends under same conditions.

Tyres and pressures all ok.
Trailing an bushes worn but not excessive movement at all.
Anti roll bar and links ok.
Springs ok.
No obvious leak from shockers, could be this?

Can anyone shed any light?

I'm probably gonna swap shockers side to side o the rear to see if fault migrates.

Thoughts please!! Cheers

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If get a Vagcom on it it might be something electrical like a faulty abs sensor as they control your 4 motion too so worth a shot
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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