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Hi guys as some of you are aware I hit a badger and it caused quiet a bit of damage, well more than expected, £5780 2 quotes this being the lowest,
I had car insured for £7000 and after a bit of haggling with them I accepted £6500,
They wanted me to buy the car back for just over £2500 meaning I would only get £4000 in payment and beat up car, so I did my maths and if I got car back it would then cost me out my own pocket about £1500-2000 to put right and I thought wots point of insurance if its going to cost me and have a cat c or d car.
So I've been looking around for a nice mk4 r32 but there are no nice ones out there,

I've now got a bmw 330 with the money and until I've saved up enough to get a nice mk5 r32 in the near future,
I will be still on here having a moch about and a nose at what's going on.
Just a little pic of what I've got.

P.s insurance company tried to void my policy saying that my car had 18inch multi spoke wheels and that it should have 15inch wheels, lol
After a debate the manager agreed I was right and the car comes with 18inch multi spoke wheels,
Do guys all I'm trying to say is if you have modified your wheels, they will try and void ur policy, so let them know or be lucky

Regards Dave

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Sad to hear mate, keep trucking and you'll be in a mkV before you know it.
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