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Well yesterday i left home at 6:30 to travel up to r tech leicester for some of Nicks magic that everyone goes on about. My car never had the 6463 update from volkswagen either so was quite looking forward to the difference. 2 hours later Nick said jump in lets go for a drive and all i could say is WOW!!!! The power now is so smooth and progressive the overly keen accelerator pedal has now gone. We head back and nick showed me the graphs and the difference to VW's mapping is incredible. I had a BMC cold air induction and a custom made longlife exhaust with a lucifer de cat and the figures are quite impressive. It was 238 bhp before and then run 261 which is pretty good i thought but the torque was even more impressive 227-267 which is 30 more. Really really happy with that and would recommend anyone to go there in a instant. Also mpg went from 31 cruising up there to 35 on the way back. If you do go speak to Nick he's the man.

Glad you're happy with it.

Had my old Fabia vRS hybrid and my 1.8T both mapped by Nick.

Will be planning on taking my R32 down there as well this Summer.

Did you get the "linear throttle" map? I know what you mean about the stock throttle being very snappy!

Out of interest, do you know the part number for your BMC? It seems different websites offer different sizes for the R32.

Any pictures of the RR graphs?

Cheers Zig.

Found this on GolfGTI but would still appreciate the R32 bay pic.

The R-Tech RAM-CAI kits have been designed to be a direct bolt on for mk4 1.8T / v5 / v6 / R32 / Audi A3 S3 TT / Seat Leon / Cupra R

The R-Tech RAM-CAI offers an enclosed / sealed air box which can be easily pressurised via ram air from forced from the OEM intake snorkel, upgrade R32 DSG snorkel or a feed from the lower bumper grill.

We can provide the kit in various configurations:

o Supplied with full Mk4 R32 DGS intake system to fit to 1.8T. (rrp £199)
o Adjustable Cold feed bumper vent snorkel. (rrp £169)
o Both of the above. (rrp £210)
o Just the filter box and air filter to work with your stock intake snorkel. (rrp £169)
o 3” (80mm) MAF conversion kit for AGU AUM AUQ turbo upgrades. (rrp £169)
o 3”(80mm) Setup for K04- 023 Audi S3, TT, Seat Leon 180 210 225. (rrp £169)

The idea behind the R-Tech RAM-CAI kit was to maintain an nice basic oe look which would provide the cleanest / highest air flow without restrictions and to have the coolest possible air going into the filter. There are too many 1.8T running with open cone filters which can provide the good air flow, but at the same time sucking up hot heat soaked engine compartment air which will reduce timing advance and lower power. The OEM air box works well with a good filter, it gets provided with a good cool air feed from the oem intake snorkel, but is restricted by peak air flow and slows the turbo spool speeds down due to the sucking / vacuum effect caused by the restrictive lower part of the air box.

We have worked close with Pipercross to develop a unique high surface area foam cylinder air filter which can offer unrestricted air flow over 350bhp, and still maintains the excellent filtration we have seen from the Pipercross foam panel filters.

The constant air flow fills the R-Tech air box with cool fresh from the outside and once at speed can provide a force ram air effect keeping the area around the air filter under constant pressure which helps the turbos spooling and to eliminate the air drag.
At stage2 K03s power we have seen back to back gains of 12bhp+ over the stock air box with, and a huge 18bhp gain over the markets leading CAI for the 1.8T which suffer from peak air flow over 175gs. The R-Tech RAM-CAI will provide just a much air flow as you would if you ran the car with out a filter.

Gains vs. Stock air box and performance filter

1.8T K03/k03s with TIP
There is no huge power gain from stock or stage 1 mapping just better turbo pick up / spooling and better induction sound. Stage 2 mapping we have seen peak torque 300rpm sooner with upto 12bhp at points on the rolling road graph with peak power sustained longer with around 20gs more peak air flow.

1.8T K04-023 with 80mm B5 Tip
There is no huge power from stock, but on stage 1 mapping we gained better turbo pick up / spooling and around 8bhp at point in the midrange. Stage 2 mapping we have seen peak torque much sooner with upto 18lbft/18bhp at points on the rolling road graph with peak power sustained longer with much lower Aits with around 14gs extra on the peak air flow.

Mk4 Golf R32 3.2 Stage1 remapped

Power gains of 10bhp between 6600rpm and 7100rpm with around a 3bhp/4lbft gain over the whole of the average power band.

Mk4 V5 / V6 4 motion NOT TESTED YET
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Cheers guys.

Zig I can't believe you made that power with just the cone filter and a de-catted standard exhaust system, that's very impressive! Even more tempted to go down for a 3rd time now.

There obviously can't be much advantage of going for a milltek cat-back over a stock system performance wise?
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