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R tech map

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Well yesterday i left home at 6:30 to travel up to r tech leicester for some of Nicks magic that everyone goes on about. My car never had the 6463 update from volkswagen either so was quite looking forward to the difference. 2 hours later Nick said jump in lets go for a drive and all i could say is WOW!!!! The power now is so smooth and progressive the overly keen accelerator pedal has now gone. We head back and nick showed me the graphs and the difference to VW's mapping is incredible. I had a BMC cold air induction and a custom made longlife exhaust with a lucifer de cat and the figures are quite impressive. It was 238 bhp before and then run 261 which is pretty good i thought but the torque was even more impressive 227-267 which is 30 more. Really really happy with that and would recommend anyone to go there in a instant. Also mpg went from 31 cruising up there to 35 on the way back. If you do go speak to Nick he's the man.
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+1 for the R-tech map

I got mine done there last year and absolutely love it, loads of power and torque
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What air filter did he recommend instead?

TIV removal is great, really smooths it out.

Was it a custom map?
When I was there they fitted thier own induction kit which I think is a pipercross in engine foam filter with thier own custom heatshield..
I run this....

with a cold air feed from the front bumper....

seem to work really well with the map
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It's a bit noisier than stock but not too loud... You can hear it over the v6 anyway!!
Yeah nick said decating the the R is the most effective way to relese power, got a cat back fitted now as well. Can't fault r-tech!!
Theres a sales pitch in there somewhere! :)/>
Not gonna argue with that one mate
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Which cat-back did you go for Zig?
Just a battered 10 year old millie!!! Does the job though and with some new gt tips no one will ever know !!
I went for res mate.. And it's just right for me
You get a bit of a boom at 40 in some gears and it can be loud under load at about 75ish but other than that I rekon it's quieter than the stock system unless you open the taps then it sounds ace
I'll pit a vido up later but it's only gonna be crappy I phone one..
I always think my car is gonna explode when it's on the rollers, the noise is crazy
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