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R32 @ 02 in Runcorn

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Spotted this 2day, R32 private reg R2 OBC, think its moonstone blue or the Dark Blue colour looks like black.

Anyone on here??
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Is that not Rob and Carolines car ?
That us!

We both work in o2.

Were you on the M56 this morning Stu?
Nah wasnt me on the 56 i work at a Place called the Granox in Widnes near the bridge the place you can smell as you come into widnes lol, my girlfriend works at 02 seen it there when i went to visit her.

I don't know Widnes at all really.

Which department does your other half work in?
She is on some Select team or somthing not too sure we've only been together 3 yrs lol think she is moving soon tho, what dept you in? I have a mate who works in Retentions.
Rob and I are both in Retention, big place though, what're they called??
The friend i know is Called Louise Moss and my Gf is called Michela (hope thats how u spell it anyway lol) Durkin on the Select Team, u think after soo long i would know how to spell her name hehe
It's a good job she doesn't come on here! You'd be in BIG trouble!

We don't know either of them but will keep an eye out for the names!!
Haha yeah i know lol.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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