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R32 Centre cap question...

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Does anyone know if these will fit a replica wheel?

I bought some reps of a shop on Ebay but now they are telling me they cant supply me with the centre caps (2 were missing from the delivery).

I have tried the centre cap from my Montreal alloys and they were ever so slightly loose.

Any help/advise is much appreciated.
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i would hazard a guess and say yes. not sure on the back of them but you can kink the metal ring for a snug fit with most
I seem to rememebr someone having this prob before, I dont think they do bt not sure how big a difference there was. Bring on the PTFE tape lol
Well I had replica wheels and they didn't fit.The holes in the replicas were 61mm and the R caps fit a 55mm hole.Just measure the hole in your wheel.

This is a R cap in the replica wheels I had.I had to wrap tape round the to make them fit like this...but they still never fitted right as they sat inside the wheel not flush with the rim!!

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Thanks for the replies guys.........the search continues.....
No problem Mate....how big is the hole in your reps?
Will need to measure it and/or the actual cap....will try and do this tomo if I'm not too busy or will try and see if there are any R32s at No Rice tomo and have a gander.
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