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R32 DSG air intake frame

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For sale: One of the parts needs to install an Mk4 R32 DSG snorkel to a 1.8T, TDi or R32. This is the large 'frame' that mounts behind the headlight that the DSG snorkel mounts onto.

Part number is: 1J0 805 962 G B41

For those that don't know the DSG version of the Mk4 R32 had a larger air intake snorkel into the airbox, to shift more volume of air and make more power. The standard R32, 2.8, 1.8T and TDi all had the same smaller air intake pipe so (as standard) they flow less air.

The rest of the parts needed to install this are as as follows:
1J0 805 965 EB 41 - the back of the headlamp cover, the black plastic shield air is ducted through this to the snorkle.
1J0 129 609G - snorkel pipe - this is the larger bore pipe that fits into the larger hole on the bracket I'm selling.

Here is a bit of info from VWVortex about this mod: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2772457-DSG-airbox-and-intake-installation.

£13 posted or £10 collected from Nottingham, I might be going to GTI International so could be collected from me there.

This photo shows the original air intake hole size compared to the DSG air intake hole size, so all standard cars are running with quite a restrictive air intake.
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I'm tempted mate, why aren't you fitting it? BTW I PM'd you on UK-mkivs.
Yeah work, its over rated LOL
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Ill take this at inters if your going? Seen my PM yet?
Going to give this a miss now and just run my carbonio!
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