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R32 engine codes and information

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Hello, this is my first post on here.

I was just wondering if there was a best code engine to have?

Or if there are any differences between the codes?

And I've also read the same engines can be found in Audi TT's, is this true?

I'm basically looking for an engine for my mkiv golf and there isn't many R32's being broken.

So I'm just after any information I can get on the engines really.

Thanks a lot for any help
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Don't know the differences but the engine codes used in the MK4 are BFH and BML and in the MK5 it was BUB.

The same engines are used in the Audi TT and Audi A3
Ah cheers bud, I've read about a BHE being a decent engine from a google search, is there any truth in that/

in the UK its BFH for the MK4 and BUB for the mk5, thats it
Ah ok, is that including the Tt engines aswell?
cuprabob said:
don't know the differences but the engine codes used in the mk4 are bfh and bml ....
shammy7 said:
Ah ok, is that including the Tt engines aswell?

Theres a multitude of engines with a 3.2 litre capacity from VW


MK4 R32 = BFH

MK5 R32 = BUB

Beetle RSI = ?


Touareg = BAA, BMX, BMV, BRJ

US MK4 R32 = BJS


Australia MK4 R32 = BML

I am sure there's more, for example the Porsche Cayenne uses the same engine in some models
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I'm breaking one ;-) have BFH engine, ecu, loom, clocks, Ignition barrel and 2 keys ;)
^ how much are you after?

And is there any advantage to any code over another?

It's for a conversion into a mk4 chassis so I'm just concentrating on engines that can just drop straight in :)

To do a conversion you will need clocks, keys, ecu, loom anyway mate
I'm after £2000 for the lot mate you will need an 02M 2wd box which are about £350 and engine pulleys which are inexpensive.
I'm pretty sorted in terms of what I know I need :) Just after some info about wether theres a better engine to have :)

And in regard to clocks is it possible to have my current clocks immobiliser defeated?

And could you pm me with some info about the engine your selling? milage, service history etc

The advantage with the MK4 and the TT is that they have a forged Crank

The advantage with the MK5 is that the sensors are cheaper if they need replacing
Oh and the MK5 R32 has a baffled sump
Yeah i'm not looking for a mk5 engine to be honest just want the most simple conversion really :)
are the tt 3.2 engines exactly the same bar the extra 10bhp?

I have heard that +10hp comes from bigger maf and different exhaust camshaft- system. BTW i asked from dealer on mk4 and mk5 crank, those have same part number. I think vw have downgrade mk4 crank (if you are buying new one)....

Early 3.2 TT have bigger maf already....
Cheers bud :)

I'm guessing there isn't any advantage to any engine codes then as no one seems to be saying about anything. So it's a case of get what I can for what I can afford.
Hi Guys, I'm still trying to source a replacement transfer box for my R32 mk5 manual, I've found one on ebay but the engine code is different, it's from a TT and is BHE, I'm getting the impression that the transfer box is the same throughout the ranges but as it's not sold separately from new there is no part code to check.

Anyone know if there is much differences between the mk5 3.2 and the rest? I'm sure the BHE is the same generation but any info would be great although I understand not many people will have any idea
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BHE is the same as BFH (MK4) but had 247hp instead of 237hp, so it'll have a bigger MAF and different map no doubt. It was just Audi making sure VW were lower down the pecking order.

I would try a transfer box from Lucifer and I'm sure he'd take it back if it doesn't work on your car, but I'm pretty sure it would. VW didn't change the transfer box gearing or bolt spacing as far as I'm aware, so you should be OK.

Oh and BDB is missing from the list of engines, which is the 2004-2006 A3 3.2 engine. MK4 and MK5 have the same forged crank. It's the 3.6 that has a cast crank.

There are too many changes to list between MK4 and 5, but these are the ones I am aware of:-

MK5 has:-

- Lower compression ratio (10.75 vs MK4's 11.25)
- Diffferent exhaust cam
- Different cam sensors (grey) and trigger wheels from 2006 onwards (BUB engine). BDB, BFH, BHE etc all have the same (black) cam sensors. MK5 ECU does not work with MK4 cam sensors.
- Baffled sump / windage tray
- Different dipstick
- Shorter oil pump
- O2Q manual box (MK4 has O2M)
- Different ECU
- Bigger MAF
- Different injectors (Bosch EV14 vs Bosch EV6 for MK4)
- Different wiring harnesses
- Different fuel rail (no tank return)
- Different mapping
- Different rocker cover (incorporating the 'Cyclone's separator) and breather arrangements.
- Different throttle pedal (MK5 pedal works on MK4 engine but MK4 pedal doesn't work on MK5 engine)
- No coolant lines on the throttle body + slightly stronger return spring
- Different alternator (140A Valeo, MK4 got a 120A Bosch)
- Plus some other minor bits and bobs

Personally, I think the MK4 engine feels stronger in the midrange and the MK5 revs out a little sweeter and idles better.
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