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Need someone with ELSAWin. I think Slapbladder has it?

Which harness has been cut? There are 2 on ME7. The first one is the 'Engine harness' which feeds the coils, injectors, VVT, EGR, SAI, Intake etc etc doesn't pass through the bulkhead into the car, so can easily be removed from the dead car. This harness is the right hand plug viewing the ECU from the plug end.

The second harness is the 'car harness' (left ECU plug), which is the one with the DBW pedal loom, lambdas, power relays (ECU, SAI, Coils/injectors etc). Lazy & ignorant breakers always cut that one as it partially goes into the car.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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