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R32 Running on Super Unleaded 99 Ron?

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Anyone here running their R32's with 99 Ron? Do you feel the difference with this fuel even though the 3.2 V6 does not have FSI technology?
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Think most people run either V-Power, BP Ultimate or Tesco 99 Ron....I have never run it on anything else and so unfortunately can't tell you the difference!!

Reckon it is worth shelling out for and goes hand in hand with owning a fuel guzzling beast like your R!!!
When I bought mine the previous owner was running it on standard BP unleaded and I immediately changed to Tesco 99RON, and it felt a bit more responsive. Now mines been remapped which takes into account the fuel octane levels and it runs even sweeter!
My MKV had been run on 95RON prior to me getting it. Since then it's been run on vpower. After the first couple of tanks of vpower there was noticeable difference with the engine feeling more responsive.
I've only put 95 in once thanks to both BP's near me having no Ultimate - I was not happy!

Not sure whether it makes a difference but I won't use anything but ultimate.
I ran my car on 95 ron initially and then super-unleaded 97 Ron. It felt sharper on 97 RON to be honest. Run it on Tesco 99 RON now, its not been remapped, not certain its any better than on 97 RON but its still much better than 95 RON and probably better for my car so its gonna keep getting fed 99!
I don't notice a difference in performance or fuel ecomony. But I will always fill up with Shell 95RON fuel and put in Optimax every 1 in 5 tankfulls as a treat for the car :)

Edit: V-Power!
When I had an Evo VIII MR, I installed a knock sensor and despite the car being mapped to take 95 RON from the factory, there was a noticeable increase in knock compared to running 97+ RON. The best was V-power for that particular car. I then modified it quite a lot and remapped for 98 RON fuel only.

I think it is worth putting in higher RON fuel if you want to take care of your car, even though the actual performance increase will be miniscule. If it is specifically mapped for a certain grade of fuel...e.g. 95, 98 RON etc, then it is fine to use that grade. If not, I would use the best grade I can afford.
At the AS.N rolling road day , 5 Std S3's ran three used good fuel ( Tesco99/V-power ) while two used 95ron.

The 99ron cars made 290bhp , while the 95ron 281bhp , you would't be able to feel it , but i'd put the best fuel you can afford in.

The cars definitely sharper on the throttle with 99ron (v-power or tesco's).

If you running a mapped car then you should be using higher octane without doubt. Above figures is Lasbazrre's post say it all too.
i prefer Vpower, its very expensive though but i suppose you cant complain if you choose to own a 3.2
Always used optimax since new, there were rumours of both R32's and Z4M's suffering from dirt build up on the lambda sensors causing the engine light to stay on, so I never use the 95 stuff.
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