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R32 Vs 4MO Hubs

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Evening Chaps,

Some TWAAAAAAAAAAT at th egarage stripped the threads in my NSF hub so i need a new one!

Does anyone know if the R32 and 4MO ones are the same?

i think the actual hubs might be the same but the drive shafts are different, 4motions have a 30mm nut on them and the r32 ones have a long threaded bolt going into the driveshaft and as such the bearing part is different
Anyone Claify?
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R32 hubs are different to the 4motion hubs as they need to be for the cast wishbones.
Definitely different, I know I changed from 4motion to R32 hubs!
Woow woow woow!

Looks like lots of confusion here (on my part too).

If I understand correctly mate they have cross threaded the wheel bolt holes? If so you can just get a new hub flange and wheel bearing pressed in to the hub. No need to mix and match 4mo/r32 parts.

Hub flange shouldn't cost that much new, and TBH I would get the garage that screwed it up to pay for the new hub flange and wheel bearing + fitting!
Ah one of the holes for the caliper carrier. New hub then :-(

You can use the 4motion hub flange in the R32 hub (like I did) but as far as I know you can't do the other way around unless you changed the balljoint and wishbone too.

Best thing to do is look up the hub part number in ETKA, ill take a look when I get home if you haven't found out before then.
I have 2 spare hubs here but they are going on mine (with R32 drive shafts) and my old set up sold on to somebody who has already got first dibs on them.
Here's an OSF one, maybe he has a NSF as well?

1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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