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R32 & Vxr

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Just a few pics of my R and my mate's brand new Corsa VXR :xD

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Very nice mate.

I do actually quite like the Corsa VXR, and a mate of mine is hoping to get one too!

Love a good undercover car park :D
Nice pics mate, the Corsa looks huge compared to the Golf though!
R looks nice but not a fan of those Corsa VXR's.

Look a bit to chavy to me.
How's he getting on with it? I broke one a few weeks ago, the gearbox completely destroyed itself. I must be honest, the build quality is utterly appaulling.
gotta say...not something ive really noticed before but when you look at two cars like that side by side the golf looks really dated....or should that be classic now? :)
Should be CLASSIC,lol.
Can't believe how big new cars are getting. Quite like the corsa, loved the sound of the astra vxr on my test drive, very addictive exhaust note. Don't thin it would look dated in DBP! ;)
jaysR32 said:
How's he getting on with it? I broke one a few weeks ago, the gearbox completely destroyed itself. I must be honest, the build quality is utterly appaulling.
its going fine at the moment but its only got 600-odd miles on the clock, so hasnt abused it as yet!

Also i know what people say when the R looks dated. but i think it has always been more subtle than other hot hatches, even when it was made. next to a scooby/evo/focus RS it always looked quite sober and restrained. But i quite like that about it...
Chris, love the pics :)

ur car looks great and i know which one i prefer !

Which car park u in, looks like St Marys to me

Ive not had any issues with the car as yet and have to say the gearbox to me feels solid, I wasn't expecting german build quality but it doesn't feel cheap by any means, the seats are pretty awesome too. As far as smile per mile value goes its pretty good and i have to say i don't think the car looks as brash in the flesh as the pics make it seem.

I too like the subtle looks of the R and if you like your cars you should have no problem spotting them on the road, even if you just listen out for that exhaust note!

Heres a few more pics, only a small selection of the 200+ we collectively snapped!

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Looking good mate.

:eek: 200+ pics, my god you were busy!!!
Both looking good! :D

The Corsa VXRs are getting quite popular :) See a few round by me, mostly blue which makes them stand out more, but saw a red one the other day. Looked quite smart actually :)
I agree with Hoskins on the corsa,far to chavy looking.not enough mark 4 r32's about to feel dated for me,love it when i see another one on the road.
Looks a bit like one of those Max Power cartoon caracatures of a car to me.
It is large for a "supermini" sized car, it looks as big as the R32 from the side. Not my taste, does look like it was driven through Halfords ready made for the boy racer on its exit.
corsa is far too brash for my liking but guess i prefer the sober and subtle look of the R... much more grown up and doesn't shout look at me

but the corsa is aimed at teens and those in their low 20's so perhaps i'm no longer 'in touch' with what people want :D
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