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Thought i would make a full list of the items replaced and parts bought for the R32 from the day i picked up the car till today, If you want any info on anything i have done or fitted or even where i got parts from please ask away! Think i will properly miss something but here goes.......


+ Ariel from a Vauxhall 8" (Replacement)
+ Team Hecko wind deflectors
+ 20mm rear spacers
+ 8mm front spacers
+ XXR527's 18" Wide Versions
+ Cupra R Lower splitter
+ OEM headlight protectors
+ Airlift XL Slam kit running V2 Management

+ Number plate mount removed

+Smoothed front bumper

+ Custom real carbon fiber headlight washer caps

+ Orange side markers in the wings

Engine / Engine bay / Exhaust

+ Polly bushes: Dog bone mount / Wish bone bushes

+ New OEM ball joints / track rod ends / drop links
+ Pipercross panel filter
+ Short shift kit
+ Engine cover (Replacement)
+ Porsche oil cap
+ Custom machine VW logo water bottle cap
+ Wrinkle painted black - coolant cap / washer cap
+ Lucifers Decat
+ Lucifers Non Resonated mid section
+ Milltek back box
+ APR stage 1 remap / 4 way switchable map
+ ECS magnetic sump plug


+ R32 floor mats
+ Bora illuminated vents with home made loom
+ Brushed alloy headlight switch
+ Headunit aftermarket upgrade
+ Cubby hole in dash
+ W8 map light & Loom
+ Sun-glasses holder
+ Leather armrest
+ Boot cargo net
+ Interior LED lighting upgrade


+ Cruise control added
+ Comfort turn signals added


+ Normal servicing every 5K - plugs / oil filter / oil
+ Gearbox and Haldex oils changed

Now that i have wrote this list its quite shocking how much i have done! :)


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Thanks guys im in love with it, but im still using my GTI for the moment!

My insurance runs out on June 10TH so ill be driving it then. a little while to go but gives me a chance to sort the wheels out and i would like the get the front bumper resprayed, and just some small tatty bits. so will be 100% MINT when it hits the road!


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just a couple more pics to add from today cleaning .......... Im rather please with my efforts to be fair, never cleaned a black car before, thought it would be a bloody nightmare TBH! but just took my time and enjoyed it really!


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ATM im driving the GTI as my insurance doesn't run out till the 10TH June, and they say i was 24 when the policy started so i cant swap the cars over..... so ill wait till June and have 3 years NCB and then insure the R32

Well my list is as follows buddy ...

+Pressed Plates
+ Coil-overs / Springs
+Miltek non-res cat back system
+Mongoose sports cats
+MK5 rear wiper
+LCR spliter
+20mm rear spacers / 10mm up front
+Panel filter
+Stage 2 remap

Thats the plan anyways ........

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