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R32OC.com carrier on iPhone

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In place of the usual O2, AT&T, T Mobile or Vodafone carrier message I now have the R32oc.com logo. Check it out:

Also, thanks to Minty for his sig pic of his R32 which I have made into the slider bar on my iPhone (hope you dont mind Minty):

Sorry for the crap pictures, I took them using my webcam.
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instead of having 'senior member' next to your username it should say 'captain gadget' :D
Thanks VC :)

When I get asked by the guys at work what I did during my two week holiday its gonna be a short conversation. 'I fixed my iPhone after I broke it and then I decided to mod it' :p

Which is more expensive, the 'enhancements' I have done to my R32 over the years or the time spent on this modding of my iPhone :)
Tokyo Dub said:
This may also be of interest to the gadget heads on here...

2-D (MkV only) and 3-D images of R32's. (Mk-iv and V)

Only the top one works for me James - good find though :151:
Like wise top one works, But sadly enough i've just downloaded the .:R sound as my ring tone lol
Visit http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse and enter r32 in the search string to take a look at what James posted above. btw I am posting this from my iphone. I will post up a better screenshot of the logo on my iphone later on today.
they must have taken some time to do, i thought sketchup was just for buildings
Another excellent third party app for the iPhone is Dock by Nate True which also includes a screenshot grabber which is how I got these pics which show the carrier logo more clearly:

There is also a third party app for the iPhone called iRadio which allows you to listen to a huge range of radio stations. This is just a sample of the available radio stations, there are pages and pages of them which are viewed by scrolling down further:
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all looks very impressive mate, can you tune into bassdrive.com?

one of my personal favourites :top:
Afraid not VC, its just in beta at the moment so im sure a future version will allow the user to add new sites. For now there are a set number of stations.
Fifty you have far too much free time! Sure the phone is great tho. ;)
Its not the most productive holiday from work I've ever had LOL :)
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