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Raced a Revo'd Cupra (closed circuit)

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I went with a mate to get his Cupra Revo'd 300bhp+.
Well so we popped back to mine and went for a blast in his Cupra. Just from when he turned the key it felt/sounded so much better. The hum from the exhaust sounded great (all stock).
Anyway we didn't go far and I was already impressed (really impressed!!!) No lag, just power all the way and a bit more wheel spin :thefinger: .
So we decided to head off in both cars to a closed circuit...... :flute:
When we got there it was basically a rolling start as it was damp and I with the 4wd would have been pointless. Anyway, he went so I floored it from behind.... Although I was catching it wasn't by much, 3rd gear he stayed the same difference away the whole gear!!! And in 4th I was only just pulling on him.
I knew it felt fast but for a simple chip, that really is impressive! Why didn't VW do the MK5 Ed30 with a haldex I do not know :dontknow:
Over all, really impressed with the Cupra's performance (basically the same as an Ed30 Gti if mapped) I'd like to see how it goes at the higher end of the mph scale as my torque has near enough the same figures (I'm probably up 20lbft)
I guess I'm going to have to get back on the phone to HPA/HGP and sort out this FT400/440 upgrade.... That'll give me the 80lbft that I need! :ridinghorse: I'm even tempted to take my stereo out!!!
So..... Watch out chaps! :santaclaus:
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I'm as shocked as you are.....need to sort out the suspension though and then a new zorst. Look what you have started!! :D
Imagine stripping out the car properly, saving probably the best part of 3-400kg's! That would make the golf quick, even standard. We're far too lardy :p

I've got a Saxo VTS stripped out in the garage, cammed and remapped to 160bhp, but only weighs 890-900kg's, and it will edge out my Golf/ old man's 330ci, and mum's corrado vr6, and it has the least power/torque by a country mile.
I reckon he would do that just to beat me ;)
Wow i well supprised by the outcome. The engine in those is really nice and as has been pointed out can be mapped well to give some great figures. But still very suprising. You better get on the phone to hpa mate :)

Yeah its not all about the bhp/torque figure, you got to account for the weight as well.

I have always thought of getting rid of some stuff, ie back seats etc. But then as mine is a daily i just couldnt live with it like that :( ie too loud, so much road noise etc etc.

But it would be fun for a day to do :)
pomme said:
Wow i well supprised by the outcome. The engine in those is really nice and as has been pointed out can be mapped well to give some great figures. But still very suprising. You better get on the phone to hpa mate :)
I was very surprised!! But pleased :D

Finding traction in 1st and 2nd a bit hard to get, even wheelspin in 3rd. But blimey does it go! Now I need to start saving for more mods.

Round a circuit though the R32 should win!
Yeah i think round a circuit or through the twisties there wouldnt be a contest. But straight line im sure that would be great fun to drive?

Whats it like going round a roundabout, great fun i bet?

What else have you got planned for her?
soon :bootyshake: and now the milltek is available we should get up and over 320bhp
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The performance from the new GTis and Cupras with a remap is seriously impressive, id never have thought that with a simple remap it would be as close to a turbocharged R32
pomme said:
Whats it like going round a roundabout, great fun i bet?
What else have you got planned for her?
Yeah fun is definately the word, with the roads being wet I dont push her too hard......cant wait for the dry roads!!!

Erm well I am thinking suspension and zorst, got to save the pennies first.
Tonight Decked will be getting the behind the wheel of my beauty! I'm sure he will post his thoughts......I cant wait :D
Well I took the Cupra out for a spank...... first thing was to turn the traction off! took me a few mins to find the button. Anyway took it slow to start with, it feels great around town, nice gear changes, steering wheel is very nice, seating is perfect although I felt a bit higher up than the Golf (probably am) the dash is lit up nicely and the exhaust hums in the background. So I got to a dual carriageway, stuck it in 3rd and pulled away from about 40mph and the power comes in instantly and keeps going (it still struggles with traction but it was damp). The car seems to be a lot lighter than it feels, it's hard to describe. The steering stiffens up when you start hammering it and goes light for parking (nice touch). Power wise it's great but I'm not sure if I'd want more going through the fronts. 3rd and 4th gear is impressive (I liked 4th best). The big difference was the fact you didn't feel like you were going fast, I looked down and I was doing 120 and I wasn't even trying..... Could be a good thing, but it could also a bad thing!
Handling was ok, I didn't give it a proper seeing to but the way the steering changes is a little odd but it's something you'd get used to. But for the size of the car it's light when you want it to be and sturdy when going fast. The brakes are sensitive, they have one of those new servos on and I find them really sensitive without much feel but that's something you may get the feel of after time.
The Revo chip has really smoothed out the power and it's all over the rev range. I'm really impressed, and the old boys Ed30 will be getting the Revo treatment!
And yes I'd have one!
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Wow a great write up :)

Sounds like a great car to drive, i bet you had some fun with it being frint wheel drive instead of the awd?????

I know i do with the mk1 now.
I'm glad that you liked it, I reckon with a decent set of tyres and some bits and pieces done I reckon it would be possible for the car to handle 350 max.
it does make you wonder if the R32 is the best option! more and more people seem to be converting to the Edition 30 GTI or Seat Equivalent. The R32 is an awesome car but cost loads to tune, unlike the Edition 30 etc.

this topic has made very interesting reading! would I swap hmm well no. I like the R32 for now.
Very interesting reading, cheers Decked and Glovepup.:top:
Your most welcome Tokyo!
i am glad you liked it and i cant wait to have mine done but first other mods as i am going for the stage 2 version.
I'm desperate to try a new S3 that's been Revo'd. They say 316bhp out of the stage 1 Revo chip... That's a lot! I think the S3 with the 4wd will be a little slower due to the weight and awd losses but should be able to put it down better. Either way that engine is so much better than my sisters Revo'd Mk5 Gti (265bhp). And I will have one sooner or later as a daily driver!
intresting reading,

I had a leon cupra remapped (revo) before the r32 and i would say my satge 1 supercharged r32 was much quicker, even after a few "tests" with a friends VXR with both cars.

I would think the HPA kit would have been much faster.

Decked, i say have another try, and try harder!!!!;)

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