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If your parking sensors stop working and your cars under warrenty and you reverse into something. Do VW pay for the repair?

This hasnt happened to me by the way. I never trust them.
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Its a good question but I doubt they would fork out m8.
i doubt it prob the same as if your abs stopped working and you hit driver in front ould still be your fault i belive. parking sensors are only a guide really still up to the driver to observe correctly. thats what i think anyway
due care and attention, they wont pay for incompetance at reversing

the vw eos (the tin top convertable) requires alot of room at the rear when you want to drop the top, the most common problem with them is people hitting the switch and the roof hitting something behind the car when its trying to fold into the boot as the person hasnt allowed space for the car to do it. vw dont pay for that either
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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