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Rattles, and heldex question.

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Ok so having owned the golf a few days i feel im starting to get to know it. while im falling in love with it, I do have a few concerns regarding the car.

The first of which is that i feel it may have had a knock at some point. the passenger door pokes out slightly at the bottom and looks like its not quite shut correctly, and i think the door is a different colour. do the doors drop with time? Certainly there is a nasty respray job just behind the wheel arch. However the door stucks with ease and doesn't leak water, blasted it with a jet wash for ages. I've also noticed a knocking / banging sound coming from the near side front when turning at low speeds or stationary. I'll post a pick but i appreciate its hard for you guys to tell from a photo, but any thoughts on this would be great.

I carried out all relevant checks through the AA. everything checked out, so if anything has happened its not recorded.

The other issue i have is rattles and creaking noises when driving, is this a common problem ? its a pet hate of mine and already driving around the twist.

Regarding the heldex, I've noticed that when in first and applying power hard the wheels spin? is this normal ? in other 4x4s when ive booted it in first they just bog down or rocket. Same when corning hard, drove up fish hill today, some of you may know it, and on exit when applying power the car seemed to loose traction halt the delivery. Again in the wr1 i had previously the DCCD system would allow the rear to step out or just keep slamming the power down. So i'm not sure if this is just the heldex system or a more sinister issue.

I also thought that you could set the lights to stay on while exiting the car and locking it for 30 seconds? if anyone knows how please tell me ive tried everything.

Does anyone know of the forge induction kit is avaliable for the mk 4?

Finally, ive spent the last few days searching for a dedicated R32 parts supplier that specialises in after market parts, like induction, spings, performance parts etc etc. again if you guys could shed some light that would be great.

sorry its a lot to digest, and thanks in advance



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If you have a high line display you can set it in the coming home function for lights. As for wheel spin you will get a tiny little bit from the front as the car doesn't know your going to floor it so you may get a little but shouldn't be much really.
If you look at thread on here which to do with haldex it shows a slow motion how it works which shows front wheels move before and then rears move an then fronts slow down to same as rears so all equal so will get slightest amount of front 'slippage' but not spinning as such. Depends how much you got.
i think its 70/30 for the mk4 and 60/40 for the mk5 for power transfer ratio's. il try find video but it does depend how much. You'll probably get a slip but not a spin.
No the fronts slow down as such and rears kick in but still front biased.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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