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Rattling sound in 1st & 2nd gear

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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help. Last week started getting a rattling sound when in 1st/2nd gear pulling away slowly :(

Its really annoying and sounds really messed up and its upsetting me! lol

Its only there when pulling away from standstil really slowly. Once up the vehicle is actually moving..its gone. Not there in other gears.

Anyone any ideas? I've read a tun of forums and articles, some mention it could be the heat shield and others the flapper thing.

Where's the heat shield for me to check its tighten'd?

Thanks a bunch. Any help appreciated!!

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sounds like the heat sheilds mate.

same happened on mine more or less - but to save getting dirty i popped into my dealership where they got it up on the ramps and tightened them for free :rock:

worth asking if they'll do the same else your gunna have to get under the car in the rain :eek:
Cool. I'll give that one a try. Hopefully that will be it and its nothing major like gears, busted clutch or something like that!

Thanks! Will let you know if that was it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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