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Rear spring and CV Gaitor Advice

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Ive just had my brake fluid changed and have been advised a rear spring has snapped and i need an outer CV boot.

VW want £175 to do one spring and £155 for the CV gaitor.

Its a Mk5 with 70k miles. I presume i should swap the pair of springs and what should i go for? OEM?

Any recomended replacements? Thoughts on parts/labour?

Just want stock replacement really.
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Theres a VW specialist very close to work. They are calling me back.

Thats correct - VW price of fitting of 1 spring.

I looked on ECP. 1 spring is £50 but out of stock - (Sachs 627447040)
Will do.

Was looking on awesome and JBS. Not yet found OEM replacement.
Are Sachs a decent OEM replacement from ECP assuming they are stocked?

What brand are the original springs or are they just VW?
I was only intending on doing the rears....id presume im then into doing the fronts too..and more labour

Im happy enough with OEM, especially with the state of the roads.
Ive pinged a few emails to site part suppliers etc....will look into eibachs too.
lol...this is where a £100 job becomes 500....a bit like when i was having the bonnet painted...do ur bumper too :) which i did! lol

I found a quote on here that suggested H&R springs were OEM
"have H&R Sport Springs 25mm and I think they are very good indeed! I've done a Trackday on them too and the the car felt great. 25mm isn't much either so IMO shouldn't be a problem. H&R make the original springs on the R32 so I have put faith in their skills to make their aftermarket springs an improvement over standard."
Ok guys!

Rang another VW Dealers
£150 @ £72.50 per rear spring x 2
£144 Labour

£23 CV Gaitor
£124 Labour
Approx £450 total

Local VW Specialist want
Springs Fitted £260 @ 2 hours labour inc VW parts
CV Boot Fitted £ 8 0 @ 1 hours labour inc VW parts
Approx £340 total

ECP came back to me
Sachs springs £38 x 2
CV Boot £12
Approx £90 parts total

Ive been in touch with awesome who offer complete uprated spring sets for around 250.

Whats your thoughts?
Ive booked in at a local VW specialist but am still pondering as they seem quite pricey still.
ECP parts prices are good assuming Sachs are as good as VW.

I could supply the parts to another garage with better labour rates. Its standard mehcanical stuff reallly.

What do you think?
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