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Red Mk4 Broken down on A30 today @ 3.15

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You were parked up at the end of the layby under your bonnet at around 3.15 ish. Had a personal plate on it, possibly "P11OME"? I Would have stopped if i wasnt already late due to the massive traffic. Hope your not still there:argh:
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Hiya yeah that was me, na it was just one of the hose clips which were broken so was just changing it. All back together now, yey :) :) :)
Yeah was a pretty easy fix. Just the hose going onto the intake so car taking in more air then maf thoguht so ran like utter rubbish, but a pretty easy fix and managed to borrow a clip pre maf, so not pressurised, and just ordered up a load of spares to keep in the back of the car. Luckily i picked up a felxi head driver for this the other day from halfords for £7 whihc made it so so so so much easier :)

Yeah car is great now, so so so so fun especially with the longer gears wooooow. Going to get a front diff put in as well when i get my new clutch put in next month :)
Glad it was just the clip and a cheap fix. I did feel really bad tho not helping a fellow R owner out but i was hours behind. I'm loving the wheels you have fitted!......spray them black.......
Yeah so was i as i did think the worse as the car runs like absolute rubbish if the throttle body pipe comes off. Na dont be silly mate, if you were running late best to make headway with the m25.
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