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Reliable Garages for Mk5 R32 / Performance Upgrades in Aberdeen

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Hi All,

Just wondering if there are any Mk5 R32 owners on the Forum here in Aberdeen? And wondering where you take your cars to have any upgrades / performance mods done.

I'm looking to replace my rear bump stops with Powerflex ones, Revo DSG remap and also possibly a complete front and rear suspension bushes with a Supro Pro kit through a possibly group buy on here. I'm just wondering where I would actually get the work done.

Now before everyone start's banging on about Wallace Performance, I've already tried phoned them 4 times with no answer, and eventually when they did answer, they took the list of work I'd like to have done, and said they'd get back to me shortly with a price. But nothing, no e-mail, no phone call.

Now the above tells me either A; so busy they can't even answer the phone, or give proper quotes for work, so what are the hopes of getting the work done in a timely manner and to a good standard without being rusjed.. or B; They just aren't very good really, and their customer service is rubbish.

Just wondering if anyone has used them before? and do they do good work?

Or can anyone recommend anywhere else in the Aberdeen area? Or would a VW dealer or independent specialist be able to fit all this? bar the Revo DSG map obviously.
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I would/ will only use motorwerks from now on in Aberdeen for any work except servicing. HTH
Back to the drawing board, motorwerks fully booked till mid July.
It speaks volumes lad.

The guys who aren't busy in my eyes tend to be not so good.

Mid July is only 3 weeks away, what's the rush with polybushes?
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