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Whilst I was away the Mrs used the motor and her friend dropped a coke can on the seat!

The seats are the same as this:


It's a patch about dinner plate size and has soaked into the grey middle section on the base.

What's the best way to remove this?

I've only had hot water on it at the moment and it's not done much.

I'm thinking about using a steam cleaner on it?

I'll put a picture up in a few hours.


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You need to wet and dry hoover. litterally it sprays the cloth wet, then sucks out the water and grime.

Steam cleaning is a waste of time.

Extraction is the only way with dirty seat fabrics.

Either get it done proffesionally, or rent out a machine, lots of DIY places rent out something called a Rug Doctor Hoover for about £40 inc the chemicals for an entire day
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