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Hi everyone, finally got round to taking my car for an puncture repair but found that one of my alloys is bent from a pot hole. At the moment I can only afford a replica wheel.

I have found one here

Has anyone used these guys before or know of anywhere that I can get a single wheel from at a good price?

Also has anyone had any luck getting money from the council for damage to cars from bad roads?

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Never used the guys you've got in the link, or anywhere for replacements at a good price, maybe eBay or on here the for sale section.

As far as claiming from the council goes, unless you are willing to take it to court, which according to the citizens advice bureau a large amount of people who do this win their case.

A few years ago i hit a huge pot hole in my old car, causing bad damage, huge gash in Tyre, alloy completely knackered, suspension snapped clean in half. i took over 50 photos, filled out the complaint form and written letter to the local MP, i also had 2 witnesses, but they refused to pay out, not much more i could do because at the time i could not afford court proceedings.

You may have to continuously contact them though as they don't like sending out forms or giving you any information. Basically, they are nothing but useless money scrounging parasites who deserve a horrible ending.
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