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So a month ago i decided to finally fit these items all at once, all from awesomegti via mike on the forum
as i got bored from not doing nothing to the car for like 6months..

(Forge Induction Kit for the Mk4 Golf R32
Hose Colour Blue)

Was pretty easy to fit you just need a bit of time and good tunes to get you going. the instructions are very clear
i had a buddy to give me hand when i got stuck which wasnt much.. I noticed the sound was more deeper than the piper cross panel filter i had before.. but not stupidly loud,i love it.., 9/10 it looks pretty sweet too, fits like its standard. and it has made difference in the power..

(Bilstein B14 Coilovers )
Again one of my mates gave me hand in fitting this a bit tricky and long for me but my mate said it was easy!! but it helps when you have a ramp!!
its winded all the way down to the lowest which was 50mm x4, prevously i had only Eibac springs 25mm and the standard R32 shocks they looked bit gone after 100k.
I have to say it sits so much better with the drop and feels awesome too . the handling is greatly improved i feel more confident in attacking those bends..... Get the tracking done asap ( i have the adustable tie arms on the rear too
all makes a difference to the handling) 8/10 only because i wanted to go lower! and it didnt have damper adjustment but its so much better than before, very good in handling now it just sticks rides not bumpy too for daily useage..

(Neuspeed Power Pulleys Kit R32 Mk4)
I left this to my buddy to fit as hes a Pro Vw dude.. he was impressed in the pulleys on how much difference they have made and weight of them LOL . not seen to much changes in the powersteering resistance..
10/10 worth the pounds for the that slight increase and throttle response...

(Cleaned out the MAF and Throttle body) 9/10 worth while doing every 10k
you can get a spray only for 'the maf' to give it a good clean (ebay)
and another spray for throttle body..aka carb cleaner..
my throttle body was bloody dirty! whore dirty!!

p.s you will most likely get engine warning lights when you do this luckly i have Vagcom to clear codes and they never came back.. if this happens and you dont have vagcom you can maybe disconnect the battery for few hours should clear them??? not 100% on that..

the engine mods airfilter,pulleys and a good clean in the maf and throttle body has transformed the car
in everything, smooth, no flat spots, more quicker in both acclearation and top speed from what i have tested its slightly better on mpg very happy and enjoying this car even more..

next on my list is my engine service and then getting a engine MAP from R-tec
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