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Hi all!
My name is Roma, I am from Moscow to the capital of Russia, very happy to attend your forum.
I'll tell my little story of my acquisition of R32
When the MK4 R32 was started formally through Volkswagen dealers are not imported: :) (. In Moscow, this machine is very rare in my data their number is only 8 pieces. They were brought to the "gray" dealers

Due to the rarity of this car in Russia's announcement appeared on the Internet with Periodicity 1 car per year ...
I wanted to drive her out of Germany, but we have duties are too high : :) (
Customs clearance of R32 to Russia worth £14.500 - this is the cost of a car ...

Buy 7 years MK4 R32 with delivery and customs at a price of ~ 25.000-29.000 £
it must be crazy fanatic...

Since I did not want to spend so much money, I continued to search for Russia, sleepless nights ... subscribe to various online resources on car sales ...
convulsive check for new mail announcements from the R32 ...
thinking about how to bring the schemes in Germany, so yes, to save on customs duties,
but over time it became increasingly impossible ...
The years went by, the sand was falling ... I'm already a doubt that I would find fourth on the R32 DSG ...
The left hemisphere of my brain says - << Roma do not worry take a fifth of P32 (which is better, fresher, smarter, and most importantly go to the Internet site of the sale of cars, pick yourself any and do not need to wait (fifth generation, we were officially bring and maintain the ads on the P32 is always in the market was about 3-5 pieces) >>Right ... strongly resisted, telling me - << do not listen to this stuff, be patient and wait!
4th R32 is your dream ... you're bound to find him, and
He will always be first R32 - remember that! >>
After a long search, 4 years later I found that edenstvennuyu and unique, which is waiting for me all these years ...
I could not resist ...
Now we are together!

Meet my iR-ka;)

VW Golf IV R32 DSG 2004

I apologize in advance for my English is not quite correct


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Nice looking car - welcome

Anyone fancy putting 4,000 miles on their car for a long road trip? I've never been to Moscow

Stop off in Frankfurt, Prague, Krakow and Minsk
I'll try to talk a little bit of picture about Moscow, about our car club life)
Next summer I plan to come to you to visit the festival! Also, if you suddenly decide to come to Moscow meets Tell, show, and will hold a tour of the city)

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Well done welcome so, There only a handful of r32 in Moscow Brought in by VW?? you are one of the lucky ones then??]

She looks good. we did not get DSG in the UK being we are right hand drive. we got 6 speed manual only...
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