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.:Ryan's R32

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Here are a few pictures of my R32! had it since wednesday and loved every second of it! ps. it needed a clean when there were taken!

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.:Ryan said:
love that one :driver:

would make a good desktop :D
Very Cherry said:
love that one :driver:

would make a good desktop :D
Already is!!:proud:
Top pics,

What camera you using ? Must have been on a tripod too cos it looks like the shutter speed will have been slow in that light ?
I didnt take them. My mate did, hes aiming to be a proffesional photographer. Got a real talent. not sure what camera, i'll ask him and let you know! he didnt use a tripod though!
Very nice :) Any mods planned?
couldnt resist having a tweek with that last image :D

hope you like


after tweeking:

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i may have gone a bit over the top with the blue now i look at it on here :p
MYVWR32 said:
How did you do that?
mucking around with the filters on psp, got the hang of since i did that pic so a dab hand at my tweeking now i think :D managed to change the rims and lower mine messing about with it
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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