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I Have a samsung galaxy s4 mini Black Mist which I brought outright a couple of weeks ago but I cant get on with android so im sticking to my iphone 4s for now.

Its brand new and unlocked i used it for 1day
I brought quite a few bits for it which is included these are

Sandisk 64GB micro sd card
4 screen protectors
2 extra chargers
1 genuine samsung flip case
1 rubber case
2 extra batteries & wall charger for this (not arrived yet but will be included)

£450 including RMSD nextday before 1pm

Paypal gift or bank transfer

There is nothing wrong with the phone just I prefer apple to android. Atleast I can say ive tried

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You should give the Android system another go and hang onto this phone, it really is very good.

I used to be an iphone man myself but i now run a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apple have had their day many moons ago, this phone is deffo the way forward. Keep it
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