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Scottish Motorfair Meet?

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Right then who's up for a wee meet. As i said before i may end up offshore so i was thinking we could set a cut off date for attendee's say thursday night?. Anyone got any ideas for place and time?.

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I'd be up for it providing it's on the Sunday. Would know for Thursday for def too though. Everything seems to be on pretty early at it so a early meet would be best. Perhaps convoy up to it few hours to do your own thing then a meet afterwards somewhere too? I'm hearing mixed reviews about it and if it's pissin down knockhill is the worst place to be.

Have a hands up for anyone who would be interested and if it doesn't take off we should set a Scottish meet for the summer, in advance to gather people from other sites too, tyresmoke etc. I'm sure a meet up Loch Lomond or somewhere similar would be awesome!

Post your thoughts. cheers
Right i'm 99% sure i'm going on sunday so where does everyone want to meet. I'm not that familiar with the area but i will be coming from the north direction.
Some pics for you. Not taken by me and shamelessly "borrowed" from another site.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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