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Silver mk4 Romsey, Southampton

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Saw a nice clean silver mk4 travelling past Romsey rapids today at 5:20pm, very nice looking car and a very nice looking woman driver.

Admired both driver and car as I passed.

Anyone on here ?
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I must have been behind you a few cars then fella because she was just passed the rapids turning along the main rapids wall and yes must have been the same young girl and same day.
I expect u couldn't keep up
. It's always nice to see a young girl driving an R
You still got you're R then mate, hope all works out and you get to keep it though, be nice to put faces to names at some point.
Maybe she does mate, I saw a blue mk5 today same elderly gentlemen that I've seen a few times actually, please don't sell it Lol that means its down to me to keep the Romsey r32 on the scene Lol.
Is that ZNS ?
Can't say I saw the numberplate my eyes fixed on the yummy driver
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Now you've lost me completely lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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