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I think it's time i started a thread, as i've been here long enough and i think it's good to keep a log online of what i've done and experienced in my R32 since ownership.

It started last October when i was looking to sell my new shape Civic Diesel family car to fund something more fun. The missus had gotten herself an outlander, which is perfect for lugging the family about, so i had a trawl and started to familiarise myself with what was available in my budget of 10k. Bang for buck the R32 was the best choice i could see and the more i researched the more i had to have one. So the following 3 weeks was spent searching internet and local ads for the right car. Finally something caught my eye. It wasn't local, it wasn't in budget, it was black (i wanted blue), and it was 3 door (i wanted 5 ideally), but it was superbly looked after and subtly modified with some rare mods.

We travelled 3 hours to view it and after some trouble with the bank releasing the funds i drove home in it. I may as well thank 'Kato' the member who's car it was for looking after it so well, and was very accommodating while we were wrestling with the bank.

Massive erection all the way home.

Spec list from when i got it are as follows:
· Full VW dealer service history
· 3 previous owners (owner 1 VW Financial Service)
· 78,500 miles
· Diamond black (metallic)
· Full spare key fob
· R32 leather pouch containing service book & manuals
· Original sales brochure & press release disc
· Extended VW warranty
· New brake pads & discs + brake fluid change April 2013
· Replacement AC Condenser fitted May 2013
· New front chrome grille/mask fitted
· Detailed by Finest Detail Automotive

Standard R32 Features:
· Alarm, immobiliser + remote central locking
· Steering wheel rake/reach adjustment
· Power assisted steering
· Driver, passenger & side airbags
· Height adjustable drivers seat
· Trip computer + miles to empty
· Rear head restraints
· Heated Vienna leather seats with drivers electric lumbar support
· Front and rear armrests
· Matching charcoal roof lining and pillar covers
· Chilled glovebox
· Easy entry slide seats (access to rear seats)
· R32 bottle opener/cup holder divider
· Sunglasses compartment
· Anti-slip regulation
· Auto rain sensing wipers
· Bi-xenon headlights
· Child locks + Isofix system
· Dual electronic climate control
· 3 Stage heated front seats
· 4 wheel drive
· Parcel shelf with cargo net
· 250 bhp / 6.2 secs (0-62 mph)
· 154 mph top speed
· 29.1 mpg average

VW factory Options:
· RNS510 Sat Nav with latest maps (2014) + DVD player
· Full iPod/USB MDI Interface (connection in armrest)
· Cruise Control
· Non-smoker package

My Enhancements:
· MK6 Golf R Leather Multi-function Steering Wheel with paddles
· Scirocco R Full Height display (clocks) + needle sweep on start-up
· R32 boot logo on start up (sat nav screen)
· Video in motion
· Audi S6 Daytime Running Lights
· Integrated bluetooth kit controlled via steering wheel or head unit
· Remote/Auto Hatch Pop with interior switch
· Stubby roof aerial
· MK6 Golf Climatronic Panel
· Power mirrors - heated, remote folding, dips in reverse gear
· Autodimming rearview mirror
· Brushed aluminium mirror covers
· MK5 Golf Edition 30 18" alloy wheels
· Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres all round
· Legal window tints
· Audi R8 oil cap
· Audi R8 coolant cap
· Pipewerx slash-cut exhaust tips

Here are some pictures from when i picked it up:











There was a todo list when i picked the car up:
Stone Chip to Driver DRL
Tailgate Handle Cracked
Wiper Blades

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I spent a few months driving the car and appreciating it for what it is. All the while though i was itching to start putting my own stamp on him, so i spent time researching future mods.

I want to keep the car as OEM as possible, as it's one of the reasons that drew me to the car in the first place, it's understated looks. although i can appreciate when people put loud exhausts and 'slam' the suspension with big wheels and stretched tyres, it's not my scene. My aim is to improve the car as best i can without hindering the performace or composure of the car, while maintaining a visible OEM look.

First mod then... changing the interior illumination colour to match the Scirocco R clock mod already fitted. This is something that played havoc with my OCD since picking up the car. The standard illumination (red) matches the standard clocks pretty well, but now i have blue needles, with a white HUD and dial faces. Clearly this needed to change, so i set about my enquiries.

I made a thread on my progress, which was slow as there was not much on the internet in regards to carrying out such a job. Luckily i do soldering and minor electrical repairs for a living, so it wasn't to difficult to grasp once i had started. The finised result:






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Beautiful motor, keep up the good work.

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Soon after i managed to grab a pair of H&R anti roll bars, which i had fitted a few weeks after finishing the interior illumination. They came up pretty cheap, and tbh i wasn't expecting much from them as i don't drive at speeds silly enough to warrant them, but i was actually amazed at the difference between the two. The car is much more composed through cornering, even at normal road speeds. It pleases me that unless it is mentioned that they are fitted they are practically invisible, so make a great addition to the OEM+ spec i'm after.

I started researching my next mod, which i happened to come across from a thread on here about MK4's. Another rare mod, illuminated outer door handles.

Not gonna lie, this was pretty much a pain in the dong to get right, and as i'm always trying to make things look the best i can, it took forever till i was happy. I posted my progress in this thread. After hours of sanding, painting and swearing the final results:




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It was about this time that i gave it a proper wash since owning it, and by proper wash i mean not just my standard pressure wash/bucket and mitt procedure.

Having used their products on my previous cars, i am a huge Gtechniq fanboy. I have had brilliant results with most of their products and was eager to use them again now. he car was in excellent shape anyway, with just some minor marring to the paintwork, a couple of stone chips on the bonnet and the odd deeper scratch here and there. Before i applied anything i got the car booked in to a bodyshop to get the front end sprayed, removing the stone chips, and had the rest of the marks touched in or polished out professionally.

After 4 hours of washing, claying, polishing and prepping i was ready to apply 2 coats of Gtechniq C1. Once this had cured and buffed i then applied a coat of Gtechniq EXO v2. The v2 is supposedly much easier to apply than the v1 i used on my old car, whic it was. However, removing the stuff was tricky and took forever. Gtechniq G4 was used to polish the glass and followed up with G1 and excess removed with G2. Although i had the wheels off for a proper clean and i had some Gtechniq wheel armour to hand, i decided to hold fire as there were a few minor marks on a couple of the wheels and a small curb mark on the passenger front i wanted to get sorted first otherwise it would just be a waste.



He was looking very smart by the end of th day, but these were the only pictures i had taken at the time.

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I followed the above with some aluminium sill covers and some seat inserts as one was missing since i bought it. I got some with black backing.

Second on the list was a dead pedal. Again, as i wanted to stay OEM as possible the only option for me was a MK4 one, as the alternative was a steel plate. The MK4 ones have rubber inserts and match the MK5 pedals, so i set about aquiring one. Once it was delivered i set about removing it from it's plastic housing and after some minor cutting/shaping to my existing plastic foot rest it was in place and looking like it grew there.

Also changed out the standard side light bulbs for LED ones that match the Xenons while i was at it.



Another mod i really wanted was rear footwell lighting. I had seen a couple of threads in other forums regarding fitment, and parts required, so i went about orderign the parts and making a loom up. The kit i made is completely removable, meaning i have not 'spliced' or tampered with any original wiring.


A couple of months had passed by this point so i decided a nice photoshoot would be a good idea, so nabbed a couple of shots while me and the missus went cruising in the nice weather.



And in the evening i snapped these:



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I should probably back track here, but when i picked the car up i was very unhappy with the sound system. Although it had the RNS510 as standard, the speakers had been changed out for Focals. The previous owner had them hooked up to an amp located under the passenger seat, as well as a sub in the back, but all this had been removed before i bought it. So i had to put this right, the OEM+ way.

After a couple of weeks research, and trawling auction sites for parts i had located all the parts i thought i needed to put it right. Amp, sub, wiring and connectors, all ready to install as neat and tidy as i could. I got cold feet though and decided that having a sub in the back, and an amp in the front isn't the way to go. I didn't even want an sub in the first place. So i sold everything on and made my money back fortunately due to exchange rates and me ordering the amp from the states.

I looked elsewhere and after some encouragement from a fellow member pulled the trigger on some Gladen speakers. I pulled the old Focal units out and fitting the Gladens was a breaze. They are designed to fit straight into the standard door looms, and although the crossovers look a bit Heath Robinson, they fit perfectly in the void and do not rattle about like i thought they would. The difference is 1000 fold. Pretty deep bass and crisp top end throughout the volume range, in fact i tried to make them fuzz out over high volume out of interest and they held their own really well, right into the top end. A great upgrade for anyone wanting an easy audio solution.

Finally, late last year i started installing some illuminated interior handles and replaced the standard puddle light bulbs with LED units. These match my outer handles pretty well too. The inner handles are an ongoing mod at the minute as by this time i had bought my new house and was hemeraging money and time into tha rather than my car. I began to spend less and less time on here too.

That pretty much brings us up to date. I have a few things lined up for him this year. one of which is underway now (secrets
), but i will get some pictures up in the next couple of weeks hopefully when it's finished. Thanks for reading.

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Beautiful car looks great!! How did you find the g-techniq products on the paint work? Mine has minimal swirls I have always tried to look after it in that sense, but want to try g-techniq next to go one step better

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Thanks all for the nice comments.

Michelle, the gtechniq products are very good imo. Won't hurt to do some research, but as with anything prep is everything. Since the product sits on top of your paintwork, you need to get the paint as perfect as you can before applying. If you don't your basically just sealing the imperfections in.

I applied my C1 and EXO approx. 12 months ago, and they are still working now. I find a quick spritz of C2 every other wash or so keeps the beading nice and tight. I'm actually looking at getting the paint re-polished and applying it again afterwards, reason being i've got a couple of cat claw marks on my bonnet.

Anyway, try it, even though it's pretty expensive, it lasts for ages and helps prevent the majority of dirt sticking. Just be wary of application as i mentioned above, sometimes it's a bugger to remove.
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