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Well, ive finally found something that I think could replace motocross as my hobby, its only took 4 years lol :p

I did it once when i was 16, for about an hour but aint since.

so its like doing something for the first time. Im pretty confident ill be good at it from the off as my balance is pretty top notch from when i raced. Been looking at the following boots/board/straps combo.

Any of you guys boarders? I think cherry is....

let me know what you think :p

(bottom right it says these go perfect with then shows the board and the straps)
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I'm a boarder Matey, been doing it on and off for about 5years, Girlfriends and lack of money (funny how they go hand in hand) have stopped me going on as many holidays as I'd have liked but now with Chill FactorE on our doorstep at Trafford I'll hopefully be making it my weekly or 2 weekly routine...

I've got a Burton Custom Board, Burton Mission Bindings and some Burton Ruler Boots... It's all about 4years old but it still in top notch condition. The board you've linked us too looks like a good all round board so should suit you as an 'Advanced New Starter'. You've got the balance from your MotoX by the sounds of it so you'll pick up the style easily...

If you fancy a trip to Chill FactorE next year then I'm all up for it Matey, it's Freestyle night on Saturdays I think if your up for some 'air time'. Their booking system blows though, there booked up till mid Jan at the moment which I can't really believe but unfortuntaly there pretty strict about it... Suppose it's better to have some room on the slopes though rather than bumping people all the time.

I'll let you konw when we're next going Pal, like I say, probably end of Jan 2008 if we book in now! Lol :)

In a bit,
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all my gear is Burton, swear by it but its not the be all and end all

if your a beginner/intermediate i'm not so sure you'd want a board like that, its built for freestyle. if i were you i would look for something along the lines of an 'all mountain' board. with something like that you'd still get the hourglass and flex of the freestyle board but gain regity and stability of a downhill meaning its something you can learn on and progress with.

too much flex and turning will take you alot longer to learn and be a disability at speeds, not enough and it wont be forgiving. with all mountain boards the nose tend to be fatter and has a higher rake like a skateboard so are very easy to ride. also make sure the rails down the sides are multiedged and re-enforced with metal for cutting in, plastic ones that are shaped to look pretty will chip. size wise, make sure the boots you choose fit the board and dont hang over the edge of you snag and wipe out. length - best way of knowing this is to measure the distance from the ground to your mouth

boots are all about fit and personal choice, i prefer mine to have a removable second skin so they can be removed and dried and also make getting the boots on and off fast (something with is handy when your knackered)

bindings, well avoid step in's, they wear out so fast if you use them alot and you'll wish you'd never bothered. go for decent ratchets with multi releases on them so you can litterally swipe your gloves across them to remove for the lifts etc and with high gears so they only take a couple of movements to do them up

snowboarding is like a drug, once you get past the stage of falling on your ass, which you will, it just clicks and then its all about the sweet sweet air :D
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cool thanks guys, ive e-mailed snow and rock about stuff for my lanky self :p
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