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I reckon its either :

1- The filter cone is full of crap and needs a damn good clean (which it does cos i've seen it LOL)

2- The MAF is now faulty (Its done 80k or so)

The MAF is a really common fault for hesitation throughout the VAG range, I had one go on my old GTTDI and my old 1.8T works car, so i definately know what its like.

If we clean the MAF and see if that makes any difference, which sometimes it does temporarily.

I'll have a drive of yours tomorrow after work , i'll be able to tell you straight away if its the MAF

Best bet to clean the aircone too as it is completely full of crap which cant help.

I pulled away too easy for a standard car for it to be driver related, even in first it was obvious something was up
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