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I'm thinking of setting up a solar trickle charging system in my garage for the .:R

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendation and info for good panels and whatever else I need and how to get it all installed etc.

The situation:

My garage has no mains power directly in it, and it will be ball-ache to get power in there.

I'd ideally like some sort of solar powered battery charging or maintenance system to keep the battery topped up for the extended times that I am away and cannot use the car.

Also as my garage has no power, this also means I have no light in there - so if anyone can advise how I could maybe rig up a lighting system (the light would not need to be on for hours - like maybe 20 mins MAX at a time - once in a blue moon) with this solar charging system of the car, that would be fab.

Oh, and also the panel needs to be waterproof as the idea is to mount this on my garage roof... so low profile and inconspicuous is a bonus!

Budget - let's say £150 in kit. I would like a very nice solution with good quality stuff... also with no risk of it "going nuts and setting my car alight" while I'm away!!

Any info from those who have a set-up like this or from electrical geniuses, who really know their stuff, greatly appreciated


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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