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If i can sell mine i may be interested in this.
You say the 1st owner brought it over from Geramny? Does that mean this is an import?
Hi Stu,

Sorry for the late reply.

It was brought over by the first owner as a parallel import. It's RHD, but by buying it and picking it up from VW himself the owner saved himself around £5000 than if he were to buy it new in the UK.

So it's not an import as such and there are certainly no problems insuring it etc.

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i thought this beauty would have sold long ago buddy!

Many calls or interest?

Same but barely any interest.

Has 1 guy on uk-mkivs but he is 19 and insurance would've been £2800 TPFT, and another guy on Gumtree sent me an e-mail in the early hours of the morning asking if he could "hire" it.

Then there is "STU32" above but not sure what his thoughts are.

I have it on eBay (not a bidding auction) and there are 11 people watching it but not one person has asked me a question about it.

I thought the price was fair considering the spec of the car but as I said I am open to offers because it's no use to me sitting in my garage and I'd much rather somebody else got the use out of it.
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