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Some people have issues

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Dunno weather to laugh or cry? My wife has just had a funny but mad experience in her shop today. At the start of the week her and sister had been given some hand written art work so she could make a sign for one of the local church's by this old boy. They designed it wrong and held there hands up. Bloke not happy so they did it again but wrong again so he went mad at her. She said as your plan is hand written its hard to stick it in the computer so we can't do it. He lost his rag and upset her so I said just give him his money back and tell him to go elsewhere. So the vicar came down for the money this afternoon who was a woman and she told my wife we don't want the money back we want a sign. The wife said no cant do it so here's a cheque for the money. The vicar went crazy and started shouting saying you better do it. My sister in law gave her the money and said go get out the shop. This vicar wouldn't go so they tried to lock themselves in the office but this bitch is trying to force her way in but luckily they over powered her and locked the door and called the cops. Fair play to the local plod they chucked her out but even they said a mad vicar is a new one. Worlds gone mad!!!!!
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You do seem to attract them:)
I am begining to think it is me. But then again it could be something in the water where I live?
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