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Speed cameras in Europe and silly French laws

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I know on the occasions I used to go to the Ring with my friends speed cameras were never a concern.

But what about these days, have any of you lot ever had a ticket through the post from the mainland?

Or run ins with the law, I have heard stories of people being escorted to cash machines and being relieved of 500 Euros.

I'm au fait with all the pinickety French rules regarding breath tests and high viz jackets etc etc.

Isn't it true the French don't let you have GPS with SAFETY camera detection these days?

Any advice appreciated guys, cheers!
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I came back from the alps last year and my computer said id averaged a naughty speed when i got to calais! Didnt get anything through though.

You have to carry a breathalyser in france nowadays and a piece of camembert in the boot else risk a fine!

The gendamerie took an interest in the R32 leaving the mountains and asked for my details and then waved me on my way. They made a beeline for my car for some reason..i felt like jason bourne! :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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