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Splitting headlights to paint

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I wondered if anyone could help.
I want to remove the glass from my headlights and paint the chrome backing in black.
My mate who has done a few different cars offered to do mine, however he spent nearly 2 hours trying to split the glass from the backing with a heat gun and it wouldn't budge.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Mk4 headlights have different glue to mk5 headlights and even mk4 european / american headlights. Heat will not work like it does on other manufacturers. Ive done a few sets now, and although quite a high heat can work, it often results in the glass smashing as it cools.

The only sure fire way to do it is to smash the glass on yours and then dig out the sealant and glass remaining from yours, then with a donor pair of headlights cut / sand / file the plastic backings off using a dremel or similar, to leave just the glass on yours.

The chrome finish inside the headlights is delicate and easily removed with normal cleaning fluids, so once youve smashed the main glass out, clean as much glass out as you can with a soft brush hoover etc and then wrap the chrome parts up in cling film or anything else to protect them. Then anymore glass you chip out from the edges wont damage the finish. Obviously if youre painting all the chrome youve got less to worry about!
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