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spraying de locks?

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I have just primered my de locking cap I gave it 2 coats. do I have to rub the primer down or do I just leave it I read pommes instructions but couldnt make out weather I had to rub the primer down? Also do I rub down the final cout of paint and the final coat of laquer? thanks any help would be good.
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I wouldnt rub the primer unless you've got bits in it.

Same goes for paint an lacquer too
Thanks steve!
didnt rub mine down at all all come out smoth just crappy halfords colour match way to dark so trying again with moor laquer looks slight bit lighter now just wait and see!
i would do a layer of primer and then wetsand with like 1200 grit, then repeat. Then a final layer of primer. Then two coats of paint which have both been wetsanded, follwed by a layer of paint. Then two layers of laquer both wetsanded, again follwed by a final layer of laquer.

But that just me, and have just donw this process on my engine and battery covers :)
Im in the process of spraying it now im getting there im the second coat of paint! its a pain in the arse, I relise how much work went into spraying! I had a few buberly pacthes come up so i rubed them down and respraed it its looks ok at the moment.
the best way really to do it, when you have sprayed on the primer/paint/laquaer before sanding is to spray on a very thin spotty layer of a different paint, and then when you wetsand you make sure you remove all of the spotty colour paint and you will have a very very smooth surface :)
Good idea pomme. Do I have to rub down the final layer of laquer? and is there any way i can make the paint go off quicker I.E hair dryer? this is all new to me :)
Dont wet sand your final layer of each produc ie primer, paint or laquer.

You could do but i have only used a heat gun type product and not a hair bryer, but it should be okay if on a low setting and your paint layers arnt too thick. Dont hold it too close otherwise you may push the paint around causing pain drips.
Thanks pomme youve been a great help!!
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