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stage 1 rotrex superchargers

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iv been speaking to storm developments today regarding the stage 1 kit the figures are 475 hp and 395 lb ft ie adequate lol
normal prices are £6k for the diy kit including the map + £800 if they fit it. turn around is about 2 weeks theyv promised a sizable discount if we can get 3+ ordered.
im waiting for an email with the exact parts list but i know it includes
new headgasket
forged low compression pistons
new piston rings
everything needed for the charger itself ie bracket belts etc
lower temp thermostat and fan switch
oil cooler for the charger itself (it uses its own stand alone oil system)
i beleive its the same charger that the mental koniiiiiiigssssseeeeeeg uses except it uses 2!! haha

so thats £6800 all in or £6000 for the kit with map for 475 bhp 395 lb ft BEFORE discount il update the prices as and when i receive them iv also asked for a torque graph

the main advantages of a centrifugal supercharger over a turbo is
1 its generally a damn site cheaper
2 no lag ever because its belt driven from the crank
3 very linear torque delivery (some ppl prefer the thump you get from a turbo but i absolutely love the way a centrifugal just keeps winding up my 320 hp vortech charged vr6 keeps pulling harder almost into the rev limiter)
4 its alot kinder to the transmission for the same hp because the torque builds gradually instead of arriving all in 1 lump

the main advanteges to a turbo are
1 potentially bigger hp (more internal work needed though)
2 more midrange torque because when the turbo spools up it makes full boost hence a big torque increase which is the thump in the back you can feel
im sure there are other points if anybody cares to add

so whos intrested?
1 eatthis
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GL chap. There's an outside chance I'd be interested in 2010 if they prove 100% reliable on the MKV ;-)
is this for the mk 4 yeah?

thats not a bad price atall for 475bhp!!

i was the same price to get my stage 2 vf charger fitted that only produces 360bhp with 295torques!!

if only this came up a year ago!!

still luv the vf one though!!:aetsch:

storm developments a bit to far away from me also!!:stupido2:
lol i love the vf too my mk3 vr6 has 1 running 12 psi

you can get the kit supply only for £6000 before the discount and they give you the map for that too
thats what il be doing
ps i THINK it runs about 15 psi not 100% sure on that though
Think I'll wait until the cars out of warranty first!! lol
Very interested. Need to see a full parts list really.

I heard the first one they did (which recently sold) is back down there for more work.. I'd definitely want to be confident they've ironed out all the bugs before handing my car over. I'm not interested in being a guinea pig.. i'd just take my dollah elsewhere :)
Can you confirm this is for MKIV?
eatthisvr6 owns a MkIV so I'm 99% certain it is.
yup its deffo for a mk4 mate theyv changed the kit to include uprated pistons the long term reliability of stock pistons is questionable
im in to minds wanted a turbo but this is cheep!
Any links to any info regarding mkiv's currently running this?
not from me mate i dont know how many rotrex mk4s are knocking about there are plenty of civic type rs with rotrex chargers got a good rep with their owners
surely this is a stage 2/3 kit, stage 1 kits rarely have uprated rods and intercoolers in the package.
kadvr6 said:
surely this is a stage 2/3 kit, stage 1 kits rarely have uprated rods and intercoolers in the package.
no mate deffo stage 1 its also rare that stage 1 kits make 475 hp lol
That seems very cheap doesn't it? £800 to fit all the kit, new head gasket and pistons? Is that not close to an engine rebuild? Forgive my ignorance I am not too clued up when it comes to mechanics but when I was looking at the turbo options for mine, I was going to go the whole hog with low comp pistons and head gasket etc but the money involved for all the internal work blew my budget out - hence I am selling the uprated conrods.

Looks like a nice package though.
what rods are you sellin mate?
Bumpage for a GB on some great product!
storm have sent me emails but i havnt received them im tryin to work around the problem il post info as and when i get it
Hi John,
Parts list is as follows :
6 x high flow injectors
1x inline fuel pump
6 x low compression forged pistons
1 x supercharger
1 x bracket
1 x oil kit
1 x high flow intercooler
1 x 40mm dv
all piping
maf wiring
1 x belt
1 x crank pulley
1 x radiator fan switch
1 x thermostat
1 x Rotrex oil cooler
1 x rear engine mount
brackets for all coolers
1 x ecu re-map
1 x oe head gasket
various pipes and clips etc.

advise - this kit should be used with high flow cats or decat pipe and a 6 branch manifold to lower egt temperatures'.

im gonna push for a bit more detail what comp ratio how much boost etc and il ask them about groupbuy prices
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