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stage 4

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while my beautifull mk5 is in the garage having the headgasket done ive decided to go as far as i can with out FI this includes

  • Base Engine: 3.2 V6 - 247 BHP
  • Performance upgrade by ECU reprogramming (engine control unit remapping)
  • Performance air filter
  • Exhaust system from catalyst back
  • Hi Flow sports cat
  • Schrick camshafts
  • Hi flow downpipes

has anyone else gone down this route and if so what kind of difference does it make and hows the drivability ( i already have KW coilovers all round and yellow stuff to aid stopping)
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as its already in bits im only really paying for the parts other wise its a lot of cash for not much gains, im told it compleatly changes the car for the better but we will see.
vag tech say 290ish and a load more torque ,cant wait
Please don`t tell me you got butcher Jon working on your car at Vagtech. After the mess he made of mine and Bambam`s car plus the lies and money it cost to sort out i am surprised he is still trading.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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