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Std Exhaust Mk4 R32

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Thought I would see if anyone is interested in the std exhaust I am taking off my car. It is the full sustem cat back and has come off my Mk4 R32, it has only covered 18k miles so is in good nick. Let me know if anyhone would be interested. I have no idea on price so if I start at £150 and I'll see the response.

Kind regards
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If no intrest place it on Ebay ?

Good milage on your car though. Not fair
I also have one (not for sale tho keeping incase i put it to standard if i sell) but looking at the few on ebay they arnt fetching anything i seen a few for £50-60quid, and some just sat at the staring price.

i have 1 aswell think the best price youl get is £35- £40 scrap for the Cat im afraid to say mate
no worries, I had no idea on price so will stick it on ebay and see what happens, cheers.
Well I did ages ago bid on ebay for the standard rear "Tail pipes" as mine are rough and black inside.
(They went for £21.00)

Yes I have used a dremil and metal polish but did not clean up at all.
Hi James,

I'd be interested in this if you'd consider posting it?

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