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Stolen BMW m3, was taken from aberdeen this morning, last seen heading north on the m90 at around 4:30pm

Here's his Facebook post

"Hi guys thanks for everyone's sharing and comments..
..the car has just been filled at petrol station and drove off!! ...shock!!!
And someone just reported it going sideways through red lights on A90 heading north!!
Crash and burn you little fuckers!"

The more people who know about this the better so we can get more scum locked up! It's still in the aberdeen area as far as I know? Naybe some of our members from up here can keep a look out?


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Insurance will no pay out,
For that if they can prove driver/owner have left the keys in the ignition.

I remember the Rs4 that was stole in aberdeen that was in the papers. Cause they had a facebk page bragging about it.
Guessing it probs the se daft little boys.
Hope he get the Beemer back in good safe condition.


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Hope they burn!!!!!
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