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Thought id stick this up on here, recently sold my S4 Avant (see audi section) and was offered a pile of cash money and this:

its a 2000 model Golf 1.8Turbo, the previous owner had the car for over 8 years, he spent almost 9months trying to find an indigo blue one with the grey recaro's!

heres a few pics from his build thread

Spec as follows:

Twin Thick cooler
Toyosports downpipe and decat
Custom stainless
Jabbasport filter & Heatshield
Baileys dumpvalve (atmospheric)
Weitec coilovers
Leon Cupra R front ARB
Shortened droplinks
G23 Engineering wheel adaptors
Land Rover Mondial wheels
312mm front upgrade with drilled and grooved discs and pads front and rear
Anniversary fibreglass front lip
Anniversary genuine rear lip
US Spec Rears (i fitted these)
Lupo stubbys
Led sidelights and platelights
Genuine areofits front and rear
Ironman Valve caps
Net Optic interior trim (thanks to Simes996)
Pioneer doubledin Bluetooth head unit

the car drives so well its a real credit to the previous owner averages 37-40mpg (not had a map) has a full history too and timing belt receipts etc

he also gave me all spares for the car which have

Kamei Grille
4 x headlights
2 x radios
6 disc changer
Standard cat
Anniversary tailbox
Standard airbox
Standard mirrors
R32 wheels (already sold)

this is where my title comes into play, my daily commute is now 81miles in total so i bought a cheap focus TDCi from a guy at work but i dont know if i keep the golf and use that as my daily as the MPG is not that much worse than the Focus and its a nicer place to be etc!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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