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Superchargers and servicing

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I am just about to get a VF stage 2 supercharger fitted, and am wondering what to do / what everyone else does about servicing.
My car is currently on long life servicing, the instructions for the SC say change the oil every 5000 miles. Is it better to stick with the long life oil and change every 5000 miles or change to a high quality synthetic oil. I only do 10-11k a year so it would be a max of 2 oil changes a year.
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definitly change to some good full synthetic oil. I change mine every couplem of thousand miles - but thats because its a high miler and i do alot of miles in it too. If you still use VW to service it, you can request which oil to use.
tamr32 said:
I was told to change mine after 1000 miles then 5000 miles so thats what i did use mobil 1 fully synth will sound rather loud on idle for a while with the new oil was going to try a synthetic oil rather than fully see if it makes any ods might try next time
I'll try some of the Mobil 1, fortunately I don't need to worry about running in as the kit is used. Do you still use VW for the oil change or DIY, I don't mind using VW although I am wondering if they might get a bit funny about servicing a modded car.
i change mine every 5K as per the VF instructions too, but i'm using 'Silkolene / Fuchs Pro S 5w 40' fully synthetic ester oil

its really nice stuff & both the engine & the charger seem a lot happier running on it (charger noise dropped a bit after the 1st oil change)! Silkolene & Fuchs have been in the business since year dot and they make some of the best oils in the business. Has good characteristics at high temps and stays a lot more stable than others so good for the engine & charger when you're giving it some beans!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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