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Hi Guys,

Just after a bit of advice. I want to get the suspension and handling sorted on my MKIV, so far I was thinking:

Eibach Pro Street Coils: not wanting to go super low as want max performance, will I need to replace the tie arms?

Neuspeed ARBs: Different diameters? Which is best?

Neuspeed Front Upper Brace

Worth fitting a rear brace too?

Any advice would be great, and if anyone knows how much fitting cost is likely to be too that would be awesome. Any of it easy to fit, other than strut brace?


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That list sounds about right.
I can't comment on the coilies as I don't know how good, bad or indifferent they are.
I have nuespeed arb's, 25 front and 22 rear I think.
As for a rear brace, 1000000% get yourself a unibrace. They are OK to fit yourself also but can be a bit of a pain.
People say if your dropping more than 25mm then you need tie arms, others don't. Personally I have and would recommend you get some if your going for handling as you can then adjust your rear camber.
One last thing to cost you more money, blue Haldex controller.
With that little lot it should be spot on!
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