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Im looking to get coilovers for my R mk4 Im gonna go for kw V3 I think im also gonna go for wheel spacer and the arms to adjust the rear camber. Can anyone advise me on the best place to purchase this Items at the best price.
Also what size spacers do I need? Has anyone got any pics of there are lowered with spacers and if so tell me how low you went and with what suspension any help would be great!
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I'll try and post some pictures for you tomorrow.
Phone around the suppliers and see what prices they can all do.

I think when I was looking for my Bilstien PSS9s a few weeks ago I found a forum trying to get a GB on these together, give that a go in the search engines as well.
Looks good is that with wheel spacers or without?
Its with 15mm rear and 10mm at the front. Not sure on the drop though. I can measure it if needed.
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