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Std T3
Your most common aftermarket high performance turbo inlet pattern. Fits all T3 and T3/T04 type turbos. Fits most early ford, saab, and Z31 300ZX turbochargers. Will fit early volvo turbos but the turbo will need machined down. All TK030 flanges come threaded in 10mm x 1.5 pitch

Std T4 This flange is common to alot of medium frame turbochargers. T04E, T04B, and T-series are some of the most common.All TK053 flanges come threaded in 3/8 in. x 16 pitch

Std. T25/T28 This flange is used on most T25 & T28 turbochargers. Common to Z32 300ZX TTs, Silva/bluebird/GTiR SR20DETs, and GM 2.2L Turbos. All TK010 flanges come threaded in 8mm x 1.25 pitch
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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