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Techtonics Cams 23bhp?

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VR6 264/260 cam set for all 24v 2.8-3.2 variable cam timing engines, Golf/Jetta IV, R32 and Audi tt 3.2, Steel Billet, 23hp gains, 16 ft/lb torque gains.

Cost $795.00

Is this true?

what happens if you use FI on theese?
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depends on the mapping Skee, any car with the right mapping can use pretty much any modifications :)

I'm looking into getting these! I've heard there supposed to be good. Any idea on how many hr labor to do cams on the R32??????
Up to 10-15bhp is to be expected but 23bhp seems pretty high for 260deg cams but there's only one way to tell - put it on a rolling road before and after. Just make sure you get a full custom remap after fitting them. Stealth are the guys for rolling road custom mapping...they did mine on my old VR, and I got a power output before and after fitting cams.

260/264 cams should be fine for FI - again good mapping will be required. 268's or higher are when it gets difficult but still possible with serious mapping.

Have to be careful choosing which cams to use..some spread the power evenly which is very good - such as Shrick, Eurospec, Cat cams, but some makes of cam give you a good increase in power but only high up in the rev range, making you lose some power low down.
A problem with high degree cams and FI is you may start to get 'blowover' and loose power... but they would be fine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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