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Tempted to do this

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Opinions please
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Thumbs up from me:151:
Was actually thinking of doing the same thing:D
How much would that roughly cost?Is it some kind of special paint you need?
personally i love it - v.smooth look :151:

where can you get the R dip stick cap? thats the cats tats :D

also, i believe the paint has to mixed with a plastercisor so it bends and stretches on plastics (like on bumpers and mirrors) not like when you see divheads in corsas and fiestas with flaking helfrauds paint sprayed straight on with no keying or priming done first :011:
We talked about this at the meet in Preston its looks really nice its convinced me to have it done definatetly. Be good to get some quotes especially if they have to fetch the paint across from Germany
aye, think im gonna go a different colour than steve, dont wanna be called a copycat :p
theres no need to get the paint from Germany, Theres plenty of good bodyshops that'll do it around the Nw
Get on and do it, it looks awesome
Any updates on the prices, pics etc???:D :151: :D
Yeah, looks damn smart - do it!
Not had a go at it yet, dont reckon it'd be dear tho.

Do you reckon i get it done for Inters ?
I have just had all my plastic covers sprayed they look mint, i just need some polished caps under the bonnet now oh and a EIP induction kit should finish it of nicely.
How much is it costing you lot to have the covers professionally sprayed?
probably in the region of £40
Hmm, Im considering it seeing as HPA couldnt sell me the carbon fiber engine cover anymore because theyre not willing to sell the slightly damaged one they had left on the shelf and due to the worldwide shortage of carbon they wont have them til mid June.

At the very least Id like the battery cover done
Can anyone tell me how to remove the engine cover? Dont want to break anything:alberteinstein:
It has four spring poppers in each corner so you literally just pull the cover up in each corner to release the clip.
yup, really liking the look of that, good mod for the £ too :D
Wouldnt be so obvious in black on my BMP R32 but would look good all the same.
FiftyPenceR32 said:
Wouldnt be so obvious in black on my BMP R32 but would look good all the same.
nice a subtle, or go for a satin black?

btw, can it not be powder coated? simpler surely against cracking
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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